Hi! I'm B

I'm a spiritual life coach that specializes in self care, self love and self healing.


My signature process for teaching you to become your best self and create your best life is unlike any other coaching program. I take a mind-body-spirit approach to the concept of coaching.

SO many of us are stuck feeling like "when I get that thing then I will be happy" but the truth is we never feel truly fulfilled until we feel whole and complete within ourselves. This is why my process starts with inner healing and spiritual connection that will bring you lasting fulfillment and happiness with every change your make in you lifr. 

I believe that we can never truly be happy with our lives until we are happy with ourselves because we are the center of everything in our life. The healing and transformation you experience as a part of this journey will assist you with have radical and unconditional love for yourself (something we could all use a little more of). 

Whether you're ready for a deep dive into the blocks that are holding you back or simply need a single session to help you breakthrough your current situation, I can't wait to guide you in the next phase of your journey!

With love and gratitude, 

B ♥


It's time to reconnect to your authentic truth, reclaim your deepest heartfelt desires, break through what is holding you back and finally manifest the reality of your dreams.






Breakthrough Session

In a 90 minute breakthrough session we will discuss what area of your life you are currently struggling with this could be relationships, your career, etc. 


From here we will use a series of questions to dig into that area of your life to determine what is currently blocking you as well as where that block comes from.


We will then utilize a combination of meditation, EFT tapping, hypnosis and other belief work to breakthrough those blocks.


These are powerful sessions that provide fast transformation in a short period of time.

Investment $111


Becoming Your Higher Self

Becoming Your Higher Self is a coaching package consisting of 4 one on one calls. This program is designed to help you identify what you truly desire, understand what's stopping you from manifesting your desires, learn how to take a more balanced approach to manifestation, as well as activate your intuition so that you can clearly know the "next steps" for you in your journey. This program fuses mindset, embodied action and spiritual surrender for a whole body approach to manifestation. Unlike other coaching programs, these teachings utilize my signature

mind-body-spirit method.

Investment $333


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Very knowledgeable. Very authentic. I didn't at any point feel like I couldn't talk or like I was being judged, which is huge. You can tell you are coming from the heart. Thank you for our session and holding space for me and helping me through my process you're a kind soul with amazing healing energy. I'm blessed to walk this path with you.