Are you ready to take your self care game to the next level?!

Introducing the Self Care Bundle! Filled with all my favorite self care tools and resources. Included in this bundle is my 21 Day Meditation Challenge, Power of Prana Breathwork Workshop and Tapping Into Greater Being EFT workshop.

PLUS Exclusive Bonus Content only available in this bundle!

All of the self care content is valued at $111 but when you bundle them you receive lifetime access to all content for just $66!

What's Included:


21 Day Meditation Challenege

From basic breathing meditations, through visualizations, mantras and more, the 21 Day Meditation Challenge is designed to guide you to becoming the best version of yourself and living your best life. This challenge was intentionally designed to be unlike any other meditation experience. Each meditation builds off the previous practice to give you an experience of mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual transformation. ​ ​ You will also have access to a 45 minute Meditation Masterclass and a Sacred Sound Session. ​ Lifetime access to all materials is included, so even after your 21 days are complete you can continue to practice all of your favorite meditations! Each practice is about 10 minutes long, offering you over 3.5 hours of meditations to choose from.


Journal It  Out

PDF Download on why journaling is a valuable self care practice and how to get started even if you've never journaled before or you feel like you don't know what to write. This download includes 30 days of self reflective journal prompts to help you get started. 


Dream Life Visualization

Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you create your dream life. This audio will help you visualize the life of your dreams so that you can effortlessly manifest all of your desires. 


Power of Prana

"Prana" is the Sanskrit word meaning "vital life force energy". Energy is everything. Our thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, feelings, etc are all made of energy. We are more energy than we are physical matter. We can consciously shift our energy using the power of our breath. This energy shift can move us from stress to relaxed, anxious to calm, floaty to grounded, exhausted to energized and so much more. In this workshop we will explore what breathwork is, how to practice it, why it is one of our greatest tools for self healing/self care, the anatomy of breath and a variety of breathing techniques that can be used anytime and anywhere for just about anything! This workshop is approximately 1 hour long, lifetime access is available.


Affirm It

This guide teaches you the RIGHT way to write custom affirmations. Did you know certain affirmations can make things worse not better? This is because of how our subconscious mind processes information. Learn to write affirmations that work and how to use them!


Morning Magic Masterclass

This masterclass teaches you why morning is the best time for your self care practice and how to find the perfect nighttime and morning routines using the above tools. 


Tap Into Greater Being

Tap into Greater Being  is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) workshop that teaches you what EFT is and how it can help you become the best version of yourself.

Tapping can assist with releasing stress and anxiety, releasing negative thoughts, promoting self love, manifesting your dreams and SO much more. 

This workshop includes a short introduction video that teaches you how to tap as well as 5 tapping videos that you can use anytime, anywhere. Videos are available on any smart phone, computer or tablet.

When you register for this program you receive lifetime access to all of its content including any future additions to the program. 


Nighttime Hypnosis Audio

Hypnosis is an incredibly effective tool for rewiring the subconscious mind and adding positive thoughts and beliefs. We are ALWAYS being hypnotized by TV and media. Use the positive audio to hypnotize your brain with suggestions that will help you become your best self.


Self Care Planner & Tracker

This helpful planner and tracker will allow you to plan out your daily self care and keep track of each activity as well as how the activities make you feel. There is also space for daily gratitude journaling!

Don't wait to give yourself the care you need!