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What the Heck is Manifestation? More Importantly... Why Should You Care?

Today on B Blissful With B, I talk about what manifestation is and why you should care about manifestation. Manifestation is the art of becoming an energetic match for all of your deepest desires. "You attract not what you want but what you are" - Wayne Dyer If you focus on that which you lack in your life, you create a greater sense of lack but if you embrace the things your are grateful for you attract more of those things. For example if you are searching for a soul mate and you focus all of your attention on beliefs like "all the good ones are taken" or "love is hard" then you will have more experiences that confirm that belief. If instead you focus on all of the love that you already experience like with your friends, your family, your puppy, etc. you will effortlessly attract love into your life. So manifestation is really about being mindful of what thoughts, beliefs and emotions you are focusing on and how you can focus on the correct ones to live the life of your dreams. Whether you are consciously manifesting or unconsciously manifesting, you are ALWAYS manifesting. So why not manifest the things that you actually WANT?! To learn my simple 10 step process for effortlessly manifesting, plus tools and techniques that you can use anytime and anywhere check out my Manifestation Magic Masterclass. https://www.biancamjohnson.com/mmmsalespage

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