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What Does it Mean to Be "Spiritual"?

There has been a growing popularity of "spirituality" in the last handful of years. People are gravitating more and more to spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, tarot, crystals, smudging, etc. With so many paths to spirituality, how do we know the true path?

The truth is, we are ALL spiritual beings having a human experience. We are all souls. The belief that we are not inherently spiritual, is a self limiting belief. We have been conditioned to believe that we are not already spiritual and that we must buy into the rising culture in order to be "spiritual".

We all have an ego, a shadow and a soul. And depending on which one you align with and embody, determines what kind of impact you are creating on the world.

When you take time to separate from the identities of the ego and the shadow and instead align with the soul, the spirit, the TRUE essence of your being, then you are walking the spiritual path.

There are 3 levels of our spirituality here on earth:

1. Our Individual Connection to Our Own Spirit

2. Our Connection to a Higher Power of Our Own Understanding

3. The Connection to Other Souls Walking This Life With Us

This episode goes into great detail on how you can live a "spiritual" life without all the bells and whistles. OF COURSE, if the cards and the crystals and the yoga help you to connect with your spirit or a higher power, they are 10000% valid. And you SHOULD continue to use them IF they resonate with you. BUT if you are someone who doesn't specifically feel called to use certain tools, then you don't have to.

With or without these tools, you are inherently spiritual, simply because you are a SPIRITUAL being, living a HUMAN experience.

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The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz