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Tips for Getting "Unstuck"

Many of us are likely feeling "stuck" in our lives right now. Our manifestations, our health, our career, our relationships, etc. might not be making progress at any record speeds.

The only way to shift what is happening outside of us is to shift what is happening WITHIN us. We are only in control of our inner world and NOTHING else.

It's important to understand that "as within, so without", whatever is happening energetically within us is manifesting physically around us. If we have blocks within (caused by toxic food/chemicals, thought patterns, limiting beliefs, trauma, unresolved emotions, etc.) then we will have blocks in our lives.

We have all experienced this, ever walk into a room after an argument has taken place and you can FEEL the tension? Ever know what kind of day your spouse has had the moment their car turns into the driveway? It's because of the subtle energy.

Tips for shifting the energy blocks:

1. MOVE: One of the things that causes energy in our bodies to feel stuck and stagnant is when our bodies are stagnant. Do yoga, go for a walk, dance, run in circles, it doesn't matter! Just move your body and notice how your energy starts to shift.

2. CLEANSE. I don't specifically mean go on a 10 day green juice cleanse (although this CAN help move stuck energy within us), I mean purge all the crap in your life that isn't serving you. Old clothes, bad TV shows, clutter, etc! Also, smudging your physical space can help the energy start to flow again.

3. SEEK SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE: Ask god, the universe, source, energy, angels, guides (whatever you believe in) to help you. Ask for a sign that this is part of your path. Ask for the lesson that you are meant to learn to be shown to you. Ask to understand what will help you progress forward. IMPORTANT NOTES: our spiritual guides are ALWAYS with us but they can't step in unless we ASK for them to so ASK! I asked one night and they very next morning it all shifted. IMPORTANT NOTE 2: You can't use spiritual guidance to bypass the lessons that you need to learn, everything happens in diving timing. You can't just ask that this all goes away so that you can get back to manifesting your dream life, NO. Ask for support with moving forward.

4. SURRENDER. Surrender is not about giving up, it is about LETTING GO. Letting go of the need to control what is happening in our lives and radically accepting all that is. The more your RESIST your current circumstance the more it will PERSIST. It will get bigger and stronger and move in even faster until you have no choice but to deal with it. Surrender the need to control, radically accept where you are.

BONUS TIP: Add some spice to yo life 🌶 Feeling stuck is a very dense, earthy energy, by adding firey energy it can help light your inner fire. Again you can't use this to bypass what you need to learn from your current life situation but it can give you enough energy to start to face it. Do this with HEAT, think spicy food, hot tub, sauna, hot yoga, etc.

Remember that at the time this was recorded it was winter, which is a season of stillness. Nature doesn't resist the cycles that are supposed to occur. Trees let their leaves fall, animals go into hibernation without fear, stress or anxiety. You can too. Enjoy the stillness and enjoy the journey back to balance ♥

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