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The Truth About My Biggest Everyday Struggles And What I Do To Overcome Them

Today on B Blissful With B, I am throwing some truth about the biggest things that I struggle with on a daily basis (like depression, anxiety and disordered eating) and what I have done to overcome them! Since the winter of 2009 I have struggled with both depression and eating disorders, honestly I would guess that at least 90% of the people in my life aren't aware of these silent struggles. You might have some struggles of your own that the rest of the world isn't aware of, I feel ya sista (or brotha). I know many of us suffer in silence at least once in a while, that is why I wanted to tell you what I do to overcome my everyday struggles. The number one this is I have daily "non-negotiables" these are things that I do everyday that are not negotiable. My main ones are meditation, prayer and gratitude journaling. Those three things help me to ground, connect and fully support myself. But if I have other things going on in my body, mind or soul I might choose to add in some other self care like yoga, journaling or EFT (If you dont know what EFT is you can learn about it here https://www.biancamjohnson.com/post/tap-into-greater-peace). The second thing that I have done that was really transformational was let go of ideas of “right and wrong” “good and bad”. Rather than judging myself for not doing a specific thing or for eating something I “shouldn't” have. I instead choose to be a loving observer to how I FEEL in each present moment and set intentions to lovingly support myself in feeling even better. If you need help staying consistent, tracking and planning for your self care then head to my website to download a copy of our FREE Self Care Planner and Tracker! https://www.biancamjohnson.com/self-care-planner-and-tracker

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