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The Top 3 Self Limiting Beliefs & Action Steps to Overcome Them

Do you struggle with one of the top 3 limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs hold us back from being our authentic selves and living our dream life. We all have limiting beliefs. From age 0-7 everything that we experience gets wired into our brain as truth.

The cycle of beliefs looks like this:

A situation happens in our lives ➡ we form a belief about what the situation means about us ➡ we show up in our lives based on the beliefs that we have ➡ a situation happens that confirms our original belief and the cycle continues.

An example might be a time when you were little and you were being loud and funny and playing around and someone told you to quiet down because you were being obnoxious. You'll start being quieter, not laughing as much, not joking as much to be acceptable. When you do this and people seem to accept you it confirms your belief that who you truly are is unworthy and not good enough so you will keep restricting your true self in exchange for acceptance.

The top 3 beliefs that we experience (whether we realize it or not) are:

1. I am not worthy

2. I am not good enough

3. I am not deserving

These three beliefs are very similar and you might even struggle with a variation of any of these beliefs (I'm not pretty enough, smart enough, etc.)

Our society has taught us that there's a long list of things that we need to be/do/have in order to be enough/worthy/deserving. Things like being rich, being smart, being sexy, having money, working hard, the list goes on and on.

When we don't be/do/have these things we believe we aren't good enough and because we believe that we aren't enough, we self sabotage. We scroll on social media, eat crappy foods, binge watch TV, etc to stop us from starting our healthy lifestyle, meeting our soul mate, starting that dream business, etc because we don't feel like we deserve to have those things.

One way to start overcoming these limiting beliefs is to work on seeing your value. (What you focus on will grow, if you focus on your unworthiness, you will feel more unworthy, if you focus on your value, you will see more of your value).

Acknowledge your value by asking yourself, what gets to exist in the world today simply because I showed up? Because I woke up? Because I am here?

You don't have to speak on stage, invent something cool, write a NYT bestseller, or solve world hunger in order to be valuable. You give value to the world everyday. Someone experiences love and kindness because you exist. Someone is inspired and motivated by you. Someone knows what it feels like to be supported because you are here.

Once you have made a list of all of the amazing value that you provide to this world, take action on ONE thing that is in alignment with your true self and your dream life because you DESERVE to be the best version of yourself and you are WORTHY of living your dream 🙏😍

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