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The RIGHT Way Of Showing Up In The World

Hey Soul Fam!

Today's video is really special to me.

I have been trying for a while now to fully "figure out" what I wanted to say here, which as I'm writing this I realize how ironic that process of figuring it out is vs just going with the flow of things.

The reason this is so ironic is because I am talking a lot here about the masculine and feminine energy that we all experience. The logical, structured, rational, action type energy vs the restful, intuitive, creative, flowing energy.

SO many of us in the world operate on a physical plane which is completely masculine compared to the spiritual realm which is more feminine. But currently the divine feminine is trying to awaken within ALL of us (you too men).

We are all in a pause (the pandemic really assisted with this strong pause), and this period of not doing anything has become one of the most productive period in some of our lives as some of us have been able to go inward and reflect... What do I feel called to do? What truly makes me feel good? What am I passionate about?

The answers to these questions guide us intuitively onto our highest path... But only when the answers come from within! Looking at the outside world for the answers is like driving a car with GPS but following the car in front of you instead... No bueno.

I hope this inspires you to start really listening to the subtleties of your intuition and using them to guide you on the highest path.

Wishing you love and abundance,

B ♥

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