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The Journey is NOT Linear

When I am really aligned and connected to myself, I often wake up with what I call "downloads". These are channeled messages that I receive from spirit, my higher self, the Universe? I'm not totally sure how these messages find me but they are always backed by joy, inspiration and love which is how I know they come from source energy.

This morning's message was about the journey not being linear and I knew that during a global pandemic, America's election year and so many fights for justice, that this message was meant for you.

Often in our lives we expect our journey to look linear, we start at point A and move directly towards point B. We hold this expectation in our journey to success, our healing journey, our journey to fulfillment, etc. But unfortunately, that's not the case.

Understanding that the journey is not linear is a super important thing for us to remember. If we live with the expectation for our lives to be linear and they aren't, we can be left feeling discouraged, frustrated, anxious, not good enough, depressed, etc.

The truth is, the healing tools and alignment practices that work well for us one day are not always going to heal us and bring us into alignment.

The limiting beliefs and the trauma that we thought we healed through is going to show back up.

The hard work that we put in isn't always going to produce the same results.

Our external world is going to shift and change no matter how consistent we are with ourselves.

The actions that we take are not going to have the same outcome as others.

The sooner we realize that the journey is not linear and allow ourselves to go with the flow of it, the more we can process through the journey with ease and grace.

I feel called to share about my personal journey as an example of why this is so important.

On Sunday the live 21 Day Meditation Challenge started and I was extremely excited to meditate with the incredible group of people that signed up. Sunday night I had nightmares about a trauma I experienced 10 years ago that made me feel really uncomfortable when I woke up Monday. I did my regular alignment practices but still felt completely disconnected. I found an inner child healing workshop that I did that afternoon and finished the workshop feeling like a total queen. My partner had a rough work day that day and we ended up arguing most of the day. We did an activity that we both enjoy doing at night but I still wasn't feeling myself. Tuesday I woke up and realigned with my practice and with my partner, I danced in the kitchen while making breakfast and we spent the whole day getting things off of our to do list. On Wednesday I woke up tired but after some music and dancing I had so much vibrant energy that I went to the gym (something I wanted to do for a while but haven't done in about 7 years!). We spent time with our family Wednesday night celebrating my mothers birthday and this morning I woke up with channeled messages which I haven't experienced in weeks.

Sunday night, trauma that I thought I healed through showed back up.

Monday morning, my regular alignment and healing practices weren't supporting me.

Monday afternoon, a person in my external space wasn't in alignment and it effected me.

Tuesday, I found new practices to lift my spirits.

Wednesday, I was lifted even higher

Thursday, I am connected with effortless ease.

The journey is not linear. Our healing journey, our happiness journey, our success journey. Not a single moment of any of it is linear. So as we live through a global pandemic, through the most divided time in my country since I have been alive and through the uprooting and uprising of injustice systems, be gentle with yourself. Be compassionate with yourself. Surrender your expectations. Trust that things will work out. Allow change to happen in you and around you. And remind yourself that the journey is not now, nor will it ever be linear.

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Sending you love wherever you are on your journey!

♥ B

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