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S.A.T. What Does it Mean and Why Will it Change Your Life

S.A.T. is an acronym that I have encountered in various forms throughout my spiritual journey. S.A.T. stands for:




So often in our lives we operate from a very masculine power system. We try to push, force, rationalize, strategize, organize and figure out every area of our lives. From finding a romantic partner to building a career to buying a house to managing our health. We often believe that we have to search and seek for all the answers that will provide us with ultimate happiness and fulfillment but the truth is there is a power far greater and far more powerful than ourselves.

 You may call this power the universe, god, source, etc. They are all the same. The foundational principle here is that this power is acting in the highest good of all beings at all times. This power has a specific plan for each of us, often this plan is far bigger than the plans we create for ourselves. So when we are operating in masculine energy we block the flow of this intelligence from creating a life for us that is beyond our wildest dreams. This source of power can only work in our highest good if we allow it to do so.

Abraham-Hicks said “There is a stream of well-being that flows, you can allow it or you can resist it but it flows just the same.”

 When we surrender fully to this higher power we can start to allow this flow of energy to move in us, as us and through us.

Just by showing up here and reading this post, you become a “yes” for allowing the stream of wellbeing to flow through you.

We do not have to create our lives by ourselves, we can look to higher power for support in cocreating our reality.

In order to believe that the universe truly supports you and is acting in your highest good you can ask for a sign to strengthen your faith in this higher power. 

Let it be the first thing that comes to mind. It can be yellow flowers, purple feathers, orange cars, pennies, numbers, ANYTHING! 

Ask that the universe shows you these signs to prove that you are supported fully.

Once you decide on your sign S.A.T.

Surrender, Allow and Trust. 

When you receive your sign it will be like a billboard. So obvious that you cannot dismiss it at all. If you are not sure whether or not you received your sign… You probably did not. 

Not receiving a sign is also a sign. Surrender more. Allow more. And Trust more.

It is important that when asking for a sign we do so without fear or control but with patience. Pay attention to your signs and make notes of them, even in their smallest form.

Create a note on your phone or carry a mini journal in your purse to jot down each of these moments to help remind yourself that guidance is always available and that you are always free to surrender, allow and trust.

Need help learning to surrender? Send me a message for some extra tips!

In love & Abundance,

B ♥

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