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Mantra Meditation For Deep Inner Healing

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This week on the B Blissful Blog, I am excited to share with you a mantra meditation that you can use for self healing and for sending healing to others.

The mantra used in this meditation is Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung and it means:

Ra: Sun, helps you receive radiant energy from the Sun

Ma: Moon, opens you up to the receptivity of the Moon

Da: Earth, helps you to ground and root into the healing energy

Sa: Individual Life Force Energy expanding outward

Sa: Universal Life Force Energy pulling inward

Say: Honors a higher/greater power (god, universe, source, spirit, angels, etc)

So: Merger or Uniting force

Hung: Divine

When "So Hung" are chanted together it means "I am thine", "I am united with the divine", "I am the divine".

You can practice this meditation as the giver of healing or as the receiver of healing, depending on your intention and hand placements. Visualization in this meditation is very powerful and meaningful. Ideally you practice this meditation for 11-30 minutes but even just 3 minutes to start is beneficial.

Here is the link to the version of the song that I meditate with https://open.spotify.com/track/0CS4jsW8toNA5fzNFylgMG?si=Mu0zZ8YVTsC3h_CeiCLuvA

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