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Is Your Reticular Activating System Working FOR or AGAINST You?

Your Reticular Activating System or your RAS acts as a filter in your brain. At any given moment there are millions of bits of information coming through your 5 physical senses and your intuitive senses. The brain can't possibly process ALL of this information at one time so it has to filter the information by bringing to you what is important.

This works similarly to how filters in online shopping work. If you were to search for "t-shirt" online, you would get millions of hits back. But lets say that you only wear blue shirts, so you filter based on blue. Then you only like "V Necks" so you add another filter. And before you know it you have 20 T-Shirts to choose from when before there were millions. The RAS works the same way, depending on what you focus on in your life, your RAS will filter the information based on what you deem as important.

This is why the world of spirituality and self development often says "What you focus on will grow"

You can change what you are focusing on by practicing:


✨Positive Affirmations

✨Rewiring Thought Patterns

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