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If You Have Chronic Physical Pain Then You Might Be Making This Common Mistake

For many of us when we have chronic pain we seek massage therapy, chiropractic care, yoga, etc. If you are someone who has taken a physical approach to healing chronic pain but haven't had relief, it is possible that your pain is stemming from a mental or emotional cause instead. Some of the most talked about areas of pain are neck/shoulders, lower back, hips/legs. Pain in the neck and shoulders is often a sign of stress. A sign that you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, spreading yourself way too thin and never actually putting yourself first. The lower back is where our sense of safety and security comes from and if you have a lot of discomfort there you probably are very fearful about something. In the hips we store deep rooted mental and emotional trauma, so things like childhood trauma or grief might be showing up there. The legs can be stagnation and fear of moving forward in our lives, maybe you're afraid of moving on in a relationship or in your career. If you have taken only physical approaches so far and have had minimal relief, it might be time for you to look deeper within yourself for healing. If you already have a consistent self care practice then great!

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