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How To Handle Negative Thought Patterns. Four Simple Steps!

Today on B Blissful With B, I talk about the simple 4 step method that helps you get rid of negative thoughts for good!

I learned the choose again method from NY Times Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher and Motivational Speaker Gabrielle Bernstein!

To practice the Choose Again Method follow these 4 steps:

1. Recognize the Thought

  • Awareness of your thoughts and emotions is 90% of the work!

2. Forgive Yourself and the Thought

  • If you don't practice forgiveness, you instead might be frustrated for being caught in the negativity. This is the opposite of our intention in building awareness.

3. Choose Again

  • Choose the NEXT best feeling thought that you can think of. It doesn't have to be the absolute BEST possible outcome and it honestly shouldn't be because you won't believe yourself!

4. Reach for More

  • Once you have the next best feeling thought reach for more and more and more. Continue to climb the emotional ladder all the way to the top!

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