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Going With The Flow

We can all agree that the waters of life feel pretty choppy right now. Between the pandemic, the economy, social injustice and other disturbing things in our world it can be challenging to ebb and flow through it all.

Abraham-Hicks say that "There is only a stream of well being that flows, you can allow it or you can resist it but it flows just the same."

So how do we enter into the stream of well being during such trying times?

Well first and foremost it is EXTREMELY important that we take time daily to connect with ourselves and to listen to our inner guidance system (our intuition). From that space it is important for us to allow our intuition to guide us and to honor our truth in all situations.

With so much external influence it can be really challenging to know our own truth, to trust our truth and to follow our truth. Their are so many tools that can help us stay in this alignment from yoga to meditation, breath work and journaling, spending time in nature, etc. So how do we find the tools that are BEST for us?

Check out my interview with Valene Evanciew of Rising Sparrows Intuition to hear some of my best guidance for navigating your spiritual flow!

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