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Body, Mind, Spirit Connection & Tips for Navigating Uncertain Times

Chatting about the body, mind, spirit connection and some tips for navigating uncertain times.

We all have a physical body that houses our spirit and our big and beautiful brain.

Society has raised us to be very mental focused, we are always in the mind thinking, planning, analyzing, organizing, etc. This causes us to show up to life in alignment with fear (our ego) and disconnected from love (our spirit).

There are a lot of ways that we can separate from the noise of the external world and tune back in to our true essence, love.

✨Quiet the mind by shifting your focus to your breath and breathing deeply and fully.

✨Rewire your brain by choosing new, positive thoughts each time you catch yourself in the cycle of negative thinking.

✨Tune into your body and notice what you are FEELING. Open? Expanded? Closed? Restricted? Hot? Cold? Vibration? Let the signs and signals that body is giving you guide you in making decisions instead of letting the mind dictate your life.

Did this resonate with you? Have you tried any of the above mentioned? What causes you to feel stuck? Drop a comment to let me know!

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