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B Blissful with B... What actually is Bliss?

Bliss /blis/


  1. perfect happiness; great joy.

Perfect happiness? How do we achieve perfect happiness?

We often think that we will be happy when our health is perfect, when we have that perfect relationship or the perfect job. We think that happiness is a byproduct of all of our dreams coming true... the dream car, the dream house, the dream vacation, the dream family. But there is a major flaw in this mentality... a detrimental flaw.

This mindset is called "I'll be happy when..." syndrome. It's basically the idea that we are not whole or complete until we check each of the boxes of life and that we cannot be happy until we check each box. The problem with this is that we never feel complete, whole or satisfied. Here's the cycle that happens:

We don't feel happy, fulfilled, blissful etc so we assume something must be missing from our lives that is causing us to feel unhappy.

We identify what this thing is (a relationship, a career, money, a house, etc) and put all of our energy into obtaining the thing that we think is missing.

We finally get the think we were looking for and we feel happy, excited, joyful!

Some time passes and the initial excitement and joy of having this "thing" starts to wear off.

Again we feel unhappy.

So we go on to search for the next thing that we are missing in our search for happiness.

Again we pursue it with all of our body, mind and spirit.

We get it and again we feel happy, joyful, excited, blissful!

But eventually the initial good feelings wear off and we are back at square one.

And the cycle continues. We are left constantly seeking something that doesn't seem to exist.

So how do we break the cycle to finally live a life of bliss?

It's simple. Be happy right now. Decide that who you are, what you do and what you have right now is enough. Practice being grateful for all that you are, all that you have and all that you do.

We can find bliss when we let go of what we think we need and instead radically love, honor and accept everything that exists here and now.

This is a major process of unlearning. Society and our parents and the world have taught us throughout their lives that we need to do, have and be certain things in order to live a "good" life and that we will only be happy when we have each of those things. So finding bliss is really a process of unlearning that "I'll be happy when" mindset by choosing to find love, abundance and happiness in all that you have right now.

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In Love and Light,

B ♥