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2020 Year End: Understanding the Cycles of Life 🎉

As we prepare to close out the year of 2020 and enter into the new year, it's especially important that we work on closing out cycles that are no longer serving our highest good and stop resisting the cycles that are.

Experiencing cycles in life is natural.

The moon cycles monthly through phases of light and dark, active and rest.

Each day we experience the same cycle from sun rise to sunset, cycles of rebirth, life, letting go and liberation.

Seasons, same thing. Spring is the season of rebirth, summer the season of life, fall the season of letting go and winter the season of liberation.

This cycle of life encourages us to take the things we are living with that are no longer serving us and let them go, creating space and preparing for the birth of new things that will align with our highest good. But we tend to have a lot of resistance with this cycle, our brain fears change. It believes that the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. Whether your current life circumstances are simply out of alignment and even if they are painful, our brain feels comfortable in the knowing of what to expect. But if you let go and enter into the unknown, brain loses that sense of security and no longer feels safe. So we resist change. We stay stuck in our old ways, avoiding what will be best for us out of fear. Learning to embrace this cycle of life can help inspire incredible change for you in the new year.

Other cycles that happen in our lives that we may not be aware of that are in fact not serving our highest good are the cycles of motivation and of limiting beliefs.

When it comes to going after our dreams we believe that we will have some sort of motivation or inspiration that we will then take action on and see some sort of result that will keep us motivated and inspired. But it's not true. Action comes first. We take action, then motivation follows.

This is true for our health, finding new relationships, advancing in our career, etc.

The cycle of limiting beliefs is the same. We have a limiting belief based on a previous situation, we show up in life based on the belief that we are unworthy, unlovable, misunderstood, etc. And based on our action a situation occurs that provides evidence for our beliefs and the cycle continues. We think that our outside world will change and thus change our beliefs. We think that we will get a raise at work and then feel worthy/confident. We think that we will find a romantic partner and that will change our beliefs about how worthy and loveable we are. But in reality the same situations will show up in our lives until we change our beliefs and thus changing the actions that we take and ultimately changing the situations that take place in our lives. Just like the previous cycle, we have to take action first and then the rest of the world follows.

The common denominator in each of these cycles is YOU taking action. YOU letting go to create space for rebirth. YOU taking action to create inspiration and motivation. YOU changing what you believe and showing up in greater alignment to receive the things you truly desire.

Yesterday morning I received a download that said: "Nothing actually changes unless YOU change something"

What are you inspired to change in the new year?

And if you are still feeling anxious or fearful about life cycles and change, remember this... The trees don't resist shedding their leaves every fall, they trust that they are being taken care of. They have faith the new leaves that are bigger and brighter and healthier are coming once they create space, so they simply let go.

The same blueprint that is within nature is also within you. Have the courage to take action. Have the courage to create radical change.

Wishing you an abundance of love and blessings in the new year,

B ♥

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