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Study at your own pace. Life is meant to be lived extraordinary, these courses help you transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary! Here you find course that help you find true fulfillment and lasting happiness through personal transformation and spiritual connection.

Does it ever feel like you are stuck in the same situations day after day, week after week?

 You are not alone.

 Our brains are wired to repeat the same situations over and over again. This FREE masterclass is designed to help you finally put a stop to those never ending cycles,​ release some of the blocks that are holding you back and start living the life that you have been dreaming of!

From ages 0-7, everything that we experience gets hard wired as the foundation of our brain. The words and actions of our parents, peers, teachers and siblings teach us "who" we need to be and "what" we need to do in order to be loved, accepted, validated and to belong. This workshop is designed to help you identify what is currently blocking you from showing up as the radiant being that you are. 

Life is meant to be lived extraordinary!

Learn how to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary with the Manifestation Magic Masterclass. Here you will learn learn what manifestation is and more importantly what it isn't. Discover the major blocks in your manifestation power. Understand the simple 10 step process for manifesting the reality of your dreams. Explore tools and tips for all levels of Manifestors 

From basic breathing meditations, through visualizations, mantras and more, the 21 Day Meditation Challenge is designed to guide you to becoming the best version of yourself and living your best life.  During the challenge a private group is available for you to ask questions, find support and share your experiences! This experience is designed to help you stay consistent and have accountability.

Authentic Self Meditation

Are you a woman who feels disconnected

from the truth of your being?


Access this meditation to reconnect with your authentic self!