Do you remember who you were before the world told you who to be?

Sometimes we completely lose sight of who we are at the core of our being and what we truly desire to do in this precious life.

Are you ready to honor yourself and create the life of your dreams?

Embodying Your True Essence is about remembering who you are at soul level.

Here you will cultivate trust in yourself on your journey inward as you chisel away layers of self doubt, shame, guilt & unworthiness. Connect deeper with your innermost truth & start to build upon your divine feminine power.

Establish unshakable confidence to speak your truth with integrity and grace. 

Release yourself from worries, anxiety and fear to develop stronger discernment and begin to fearlessly show up in every area of your life from a place of deep inner knowing.The opportunity to be seen, heard & understood.

Gain a deeper respect not only from others, but more importantly, from yourself.

Embodying Your True Essence: Claiming Your Divine Feminine Power is a retreat that allows you to step away from the chaos of everyday life and finally find clarity around who you are and the life you desire to live. 

This retreat is held on the private beaches of Camp Schuler View on Lake Champlain where you will experience the fullness of your body, mind, heart and spirit through daily yoga, meditation, transformational workshops, release ceremonies, spiritual guidance, the opportunity to connect with like hearted women and much more!

This retreat is limited to 6 women who are ready to completely transform their lives and begin living a life of harmony, fulfillment, abundance and total bliss. 

This retreat is not for you if..

you don’t desire great change, aren’t willing to tune inward to find the light or if you won’t integrate what you’ve learned and put in consistent hard work. 

We only want women who are fully committed to their transformation to join us for this experience.


If that’s not you, we totally understand!

Maybe you’re already fulfilled and living the life of your dreams. Perhaps you’ve found yourself lucky enough to be in the perfect relationship, full of vibrant health, in an exciting career, divinely connected and guided by a higher power and creating abundant time for all of your greatest passions.


If so, high five sista!

We are so incredibly happy to hear about all of your success! Hopefully we can connect for a different offering instead! 

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Included In Embodying Your True Essence: Claiming Your Divine Feminine Power Retreat

3 Nights Shared Room Accommodations at Camp Schuyler View

where you can step away from your never ending to do list and all of your responsibilities to be fully immersed in your transformation

Delicious & Nutritious

Plant Based Meal Plan

to help you stay fueled and energized through our inspiring weekend together

Daily Private Beach Yoga

to help you ground into your body and connect with your heart

Daily Meditations

to help you identify what in your life is aligning and where there is space to find greater fulfillment

Nightly Bonfire and Empowering Kirtan

to help you connect with the power of your voice

Workshops and Ceremonies to:

Help you understand your mind, body, spirit connection and how your thoughts can literally be ruining your life. Plus power practices to help you rewire your brain, reconnect to your truth and rework your entire life!

Determine which areas of your life are thriving and which areas of your life have room for growth, improvement and fulfillment. 

Workshops and Ceremonies to:

Realize what your unique needs are, how to start putting yourself first and how to stop spreading yourself too thin. 

 Acknowledge where you live in a space of harmony and where you need to shift in order to invite more balance into your life.


Identify what’s blocking you from living the exciting and fulfilling life that you dream of!

Workshops and Ceremonies to:

Discover how to let go of what is holding you back to create space for the radiant being that you are.

Recognize why the same issues seem to always show up in your life and how you can put a permanent stop to those cycles.

Workshops and Ceremonies to:

Understand how old wounds manifest in our bodies/lives and how you can heal those wounds to finally move forward

Learn how to set yourself free through the practice of forgiveness

Connect with soul sisters

who have similar struggles and truly understand what you're going through 

Spiritual Guidance &

Intuitive Card Readings

to help you see your next steps with confidence and clarity

Join our sisterhood!

July 2019

October 2019


Inner Being Alignment Activation Meditation

Are you a woman who feels disconnected

from the truth of your being?


Access this meditation to reconnect with your authentic self!