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7 Day Self Care Challenge!

Day 1: Gratitude

Self Care is a mind-body-spirit practice that helps you align with who you truly are and be the embodiment of that truth to live the life of your dreams.

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Emotional scale shows us negative and positive emotions, NOT good and bad. We NEED all emotions!

Gratitude is one of the most positively charged emotions.

Cultivate gratitude with a daily gratitude practice!

Make sure you FEEL the feelings, strong emotions anchor new experiences in the subconscious mind!

See you tomorrow for day 2!

Day 2: Affirmations

Expanding on what we discussed yesterday. The subconscious mind makes up 95% of our brain and our reality.

We can rewire the subconscious mind through repetition and strong emotion, which is why positive affirmations are so powerful.

Ways to use affirmations:
1. 10 minute meditation repeating them in your mind.
2. writing them on a piece of paper. Writing is linked directly to the subconscious
3. Setting reminders/alarms on your phone
4. Peace Begins With Me practice to anchor peace in your being.

When creating your own affirmations use present tense and positives only (exclude words like not and don't).

Remember to rate where you're at from 1-10 both before and after your self care practice to see how this practice effects you 💕

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Join me LIVE at 11 am EST tomorrow for day 3 of the challenge!

Day 3: Breathwork

When we are born we breathe deep into our bellies using the full capacity of our lungs. As we get older our breath becomes quick and shallow in just our chest.

Shallow breathing sends a signal to the nervous system that brings us into "fight or flight" mode, aka anxiety.

Practice breathing deep by placing one hand on your belly. Then adding a hand to your ribs and then moving your second hand to your chest.

Another option is box breathing or square breathing where we inhale, hold, exhale and hold all for the same count. Start with a count of 4 a work your way up.

For both breathing techniques you want to practice for a MINIMUM of 3-5 breaths but can use breathwork for 10 or more minutes.

These 2 techniques are great for calming the monkey mind, releasing anxiety, falling asleep, etc.

They are great because you can use them anytime and anywhere (at the office, in your car, in the shower, in your kitchen).

Breathwork is an incredible practice not just for the mind but also to the body.

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Day 4: Movement

Motion = Emotion

If you do the same thing you have always done, you will feel the same way you have always felt.

Our bodies keep score. If there are mental and emotional issues that you are resisting dealing with they will manifest in the physical body as pain and illness.

Allow yourself to process emotions in a healthy way by moving through them.

There are so many different types of movement that there's most definitely one that you will love 💕

Day 5: Journaling

Journaling is an incredible practice for releasing unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Some of these thoughts and feelings are stored in the subconscious mind and can control our entire lives without us even being aware of them. Because writing is directly linked to the subconscious mind, journaling is an AMAZING tool for bringing these things to the surface.

It's super important to practice self care on a mind, body, emotion, energy and spirit level for wholeness, healing and harmony.

If you have unprocessed thoughts, emotions and traumas in your being they are like toxic chemicals.

Imagine having a basket of dirty laundry in your bedroom and just throwing a blanket or towel over it. Sure, it's a little bit better but the junk is still there. You can't just cover up the pain with a meditation or a gratitude prompt, you have to bring the feellings to the surface to process and release them.

Start journaling by using prompts, recording dreams or even writing "I'm not really sure what to say but here I am" and go from there.

Day 6: EFT 

EFT also known as emotional freedom technique or emotional freedom tapping helps us process and release negative thoughts and emotions.

This processing helps to ensure that what we're experiencing doesn't manifest as pain, illness and disease in the physical body.

Today we tapped on anxiety but you can use tapping to work through anything.

For tapping we start with the karate chop point on the side of the hand for 3 rounds.
Then we repeat:
Crown of the head
Above Eyebrow
Side of Eye
Upper Lip
Under Collar Bone
Side of Body

If you have questions about EFT or need help entering the giveaway simply send an email to

Tomorrow is our final day of the 7 Day Challenge and we will be exploring the world of meditation.

Day 7: Meditation 

In the world of Self Care, meditation is growing bigger and bigger. But so many people feel like they can't meditate because their mind is full of thoughts or they are experiencing anxiety.

We saved Meditation for last on this journey because the other tools will help you release what isn't serving you mentally/emotionally so that you have space to connect and receive in your meditation.

There's a beautiful quote that reads "In prayer you speak to the universe and in meditation you listen"

If you have been praying to higher power for a manifestation, for healing or for guidance on your life purpose but you aren't receiving, you may need to connect in meditation to hear the next steps for you.

In this video I shared a quick meditation to help you cleanse and clear and open yourself up to receive intuitive guidance.

If this challenge helped you become the higher version of yourself and you are ready to take it to the next level, you are invited to join me for Radically Aligned, my new group coaching program beginning May 5th.

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Thank you SO much for participating in this challenge, I am so deeply proud of you 😍


At the end of our lives 80-90% of us will share the same regret...

The regret that we lived our lives based on what we thought others wanted rather that what we wanted for ourselves.

From the time we are born, we are taught how to examine and validate things in our external world without ever learning how to look within and validate our own selves.

We spend most of our lives seeking the things that society tells us we should want without ever asking ourselves the question,

what do I want?

So, who are you really? And what do you plan to do with this one precious life?