21 Day



Online Experience

What can you do for just a dollar a day?

 Join my LIVE 21 Day Meditation Challenge where we will progress from basic breathing meditations, through visualizations, mantras and more!

During the challenge a private group is available for you to ask questions, find support and share your experiences! This experience is designed to help you stay consistent and have accountability.

When you register by 10/10/2020 at midnight.

 What's included?

21 Guided Meditations

Private Community Group

Meditation Masterclass


Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access ($23 value!)

Registration for the live challenge closes 10/10/2020 at midnight and will not reopen until 11/1/2020. When registration reopens the challenge and the masterclass will be available for $44


What is included?

You will have lifetime access to all 21 meditations, you will receive my meditation masterclass that teaches you what meditation is, how to set your space and how to find your meditation seat, plus access to an online community group where you will receive daily reminders to meditate, a space to connect with like minded people, a place to ask questions and to share your experience meditating!

What if I cannot afford the challenge?

I believe in accessibility. I know that not everyone has the resources to afford services that support their body, mind and spirit.... I also know that everyone DESERVES to have resources to fully support them. If you would like the opportunity to participate in the challenge but cannot financially do so, please email with subject "Meditation Scholarship" and tell me why you want to start a meditation practice! Scholarship recipients will be notified of acceptance by 10/10/2020.

Can I share the challenge with a friend?

Friends who meditate together, stay together! Share the registration link for your friend to register! We ask that you do not share any of the paid content with those who have not made the investment. If your friend is unable to make the financial investment they can apply for a scholarship!

What if I have am new to meditation or not that good at it?

This meditation challenge is designed to be progressive. Starting with simple visualizations and breathing techniques and working up to intution and spiritual practices. Week 1 foundations, breathing and practicing visualizing Week 2 clear and cleansing letting go of everything that no longer serves Week 3 connecting with our highest self and spirit

What if I have a meditation practice already? Will I get anything out of this?

This challenge offers 21 different types of meditation from breathing to mantras and affrimations to visualizations to connecting with your spirit guides. Every teacher has their own unique way of teaching. If you feel called to this experience I believe that there is definitely something for you to receive from it!

I have a question that isn't answered here...

No problem! Shoot an email over to and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Authentic Self Meditation

Are you a woman who feels disconnected

from the truth of your being?


Access this meditation to reconnect with your authentic self!