In a 75 minute breakthrough session we will discuss what area of your life you are currently struggling with this could be relationships, your career, etc. 


From here we will use a series of questions to dig into that area of your life to determine what is currently blocking you as well as where that block comes from.


We will then utilize a combination of meditation, EFT tapping, hypnosis and other belief work to breakthrough those blocks.


These are powerful sessions that provide fast transformation in a short period of time.

Personal Transformation Sessions

- overcome challenges in their relationships

- feel confident in their decision making abilities

- release anxiety, negative self talk, people pleasing, self sabotage, perfectionism and other similar tendencies

- find clarity around their life purpose

- understand who they TRULY are and what they TRULY want in life

- learn to set healthy boundaries

- rewire negative thought patterns

- create self care/fitness plans they can stick to

- reach the next level in their career/business

- reconnect to their intuition



I've helped people...

This is for you if...

- you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life

- you feel like there is no hope for things to get better

- you find yourself feeling like everyone else has it all figured out

- you are stuck in a cycle of barely surviving let alone thriving

- you put a lot of effort into making change in your life but don't see any results in return


What's included?


You will receive a 75 minute breakthrough session, email support for 1 week following your session and a set of custom tools to use after your session (think affirmations, hypnosis audios, subliminals and more). You also receive a complimentary 75 minute follow up session 1 week following your initial appointment for additional support. Plus a copy of both recordings so you can go back and experience the transformation again and again.

What is the cost?


The cost of a Personal Transformation Session is $330 total for BOTH Sessions.

Do you offer package discounts?


No. I used to offer bundles of 3-5 sessions at a discounted rate but decided to stop because everyone who purchased a package had MAJOR transformation after just one session and left the rest of their package unused. I want you to receive an equal exchange of value for your investment and bundles do not guarantee that I am able to do that. I do offer you the opportunity to book a follow up sessions at $111, if you feel you need additional support after our initial two sessions. This gives you the benefit of bundling without the risk of unused sessions. 

How do I know if these sessions are right for me?


Honestly,  if you aren't sure, the best way to know is to book a FREE 15 minute call with me. It's not a sales call, I'm not going to convince you that my work is right for you. It's an opportunity for you to tell me what you are struggling with and I can share whether or not this type of session is for you.


Ex: a business owner came to me looking for support because she felt stuck in her business. I clarified that I can help her with mindset and limiting beliefs around her business that sabotage success but I do not offer business coaching, we decided to do a single session together


Ex: an individual struggling with anxiety and depression shared their mental health concerns with me and their need for support. I was willing to help with self regulation tools but could not treat depression or anxiety and recommended a combination of coaching and therapy, she decided to seek therapy over coaching

Each person and each situation is unique. I am very transparent about who I am able to serve and what I am able to help with.

Very knowledgeable. Very authentic. I didn't at any point feel like I couldn't talk or like I was being judged, which is huge. You can tell you are coming from the heart. Thank you for our session and holding space for me and helping me through my process you're a kind soul with amazing healing energy. I'm blessed to walk this path with you.  



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