Best  Self Bundle

Customized self love, self care and self healing tools to help you become your BEST self and create your BEST life. 

What's Included:


Custom Meditation

Based on what you are currently experiencing in your life and where you are looking to go, I'll create a custom guided meditation to assist you on your journey. 


Custoom Affirmations

Receive a list of custom affirmations that will be most beneficial for you on your journey. Plus a complimentary guide that illustrates how to use your affirmations in your everyday life. 


Morning Magic Masterclass

This masterclass teaches you why morning is the best time for your self care practice and how to find the perfect nighttime and morning routines using the above tools. 


Custom Tapping Video

EFT also called Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping can assist with releasing stress and anxiety, releasing negative thoughts, promoting self love, manifesting your dreams and SO much more. Based on what you're currently going through 


Custom Hypnosis Audio

Hypnosis is an incredibly effective tool for rewiring the subconscious mind and adding positive thoughts and beliefs. We are ALWAYS being hypnotized by TV and media. Receive a custom hypnosis audio to help you rewire your mind for everything you desire. 


Self Care Planner & Tracker

This helpful planner and tracker will allow you to plan out your daily self care and keep track of each activity as well as how the activities make you feel. There is also space for daily gratitude journaling!


Custom Journal Questions

Receive a list of custom journal questions that will help you become your best self and create your best life.


Custom Subliminal Audio

Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you create your dream life. This audio will help you visualize the life of your dreams so that you can effortlessly manifest all of your desires. 

Don't wait to give yourself the care you need!